My Toothbrush is lying on the sink in the bathroom, so I roll in and get a towel out of the closet. Taking one "arm" of the Toothbrush between my teeth, I pick up the entire Toothbrush and slip its pipe over the Toothbrush Holder on my wheelchair. I wrap the towel around the pipe because anything coming out of my mouth tends to run down the toothbrush, thence down the pipe. The open tube of toothpaste is taped down, with its uncapped mouth slightly over the edge of the sink. A little pressure on the tube with my chin squeezes some toothpaste out but, because of its consistency, it doesn't fall - most of the time. I put my mouth to the opening and take the toothpaste in.

I use the toothbrush pointing inward (or upward now) to brush the upper and front teeth. I then rotate the Toothbrush and use the toothbrush pointing outward (downward) to brush the lower teeth.
Getting Toothpaste Using Toothbrush

Squeezing some toothpaste out of the tube with my chin

Using my Toothbrush. Towel is wrapped around it to catch saliva

The Toothbrush is taken off the Toothbrush Holder with my mouth (as it was put on), put into the sink, and the water turned on with my hand. This is possible because the knobs controlling the water have lever-like protrusions on them which I can grab. A straw is also left on the sink so I can take one end of it between my teeth and put the other end into the pool created by the running water. As you may have guessed by now, I suck water up, swish it around my mouth, and spit it back down the straw. Upon finishing, the straw is dropped into the sink to be rinsed with the Toothbrush, everything is put back in its place, the water is turned off, and the towel is used to wipe my chin.

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