Drawer Pulls

A piece of leather strap is attached to the small knobs of my dresser drawer so I can easily open the drawer to get some clothes.

Door Pull

Another leather cord is put on the back-door-knob so I can pull the door closed behind me when I go out.

The knobs on the drawers of my dresser were too small for me to grasp in order to open a drawer and get some clothing out. Therefore, I had a piece of leather, or string, or whatever was available at the time, tied between the knobs of my dresser drawers. I could then grasp this to open the drawer.

When I go through a door I do so backwards, which means I cannot get out of the doorway to pull the door closed behind me. My arm just isn't long enough to maintain a grasp on the doorknob when I'm going through that doorway! A string, cord, or something similar is tied onto the doorknob and used to pull the door closed after I clear the passageway.

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