Getting Pants On Legs

Pulling a pants' leg and sock on.

My routine in the morning has gotten to be just that - a routine. After my alarm goes off I rarely have to think about what to do next, until maybe after I've eaten breakfast. This is extremely beneficial because it allows me to remain in a state of semi-sleep for half an hour or more.
Getting Pants Over Hips

Getting my pants past my hips.

I make my way to the bathroom before returning to my room to put on my pants. The waist is held with one hand (the other hand being used to stabilize me in my wheelchair) and my legs are slipped in one at a time. Each pants' leg, including the attached sock, is pulled up with my right hand. It is then time to lift my rear end out of the chair with my left arm and right leg, and pull the pants above my hips by first taking hold of one side and then the other with my right hand. After lowering myself back into my wheelchair, the Zipper Ring is pulled up fully with one finger of my left hand. Now the two pieces of Vel-Cro are in position, one on top of the other, and can be pressed together to form a secure fastening.

Zipping Pants

Zipping my pants up.

My shoes are then put on; first the left and then the right. Each foot in turn is worked into the shoe; the foot and shoe are brought upward until I can grasp the loop at the end of the Vel-Cro with my right hand; and I pull upward and inward, and press the Vel-Cro together for a tight fit.

Fastening Shoe

Fastening the Vel-Cro tape on my shoe.

My shirt is grasped at the bottom with my right hand and shaken until the bottom falls open. My left hand is then guided into the large opening, using my lap to stabilize both arms, and the shirt is tugged and twisted with my tight hand until the left hand slides through the appropriate sleeve. Grasping the shirt bottom once more with my right hand, I pull it taut and lift it so I can hold the back (near the bottom) with my teeth and let the rest of the shirt hang free, forming a large opening once more. My right hand and arm are inserted into the opening and worked around until they pass through the right sleeve. My arms are lifted high and the shirt falls down around my head. Bringing my arms down again forces the shirt past my face and chin.

Putting Shirt On

Getting shirt down past my head.

I usually lay my clothes out the night before so I do not have to wake up enough to think about what I'm going to wear in the morning. My pants and shirts are stored in dresser drawers because it's easier for me to get them there - at the moment.

Next I apply pre-shave lotion, shave my handsome face, and put some after-shave lotion on before I go to eat breakfast. All of this, including the deodorant I applied surrepticiously before puting on my shirt, usually takes me about 45 minutes. I brush my teeth after I've eaten, which takes another 20 minutes. So, all in all, it generally takes about an hour and a half (including eating) for me to get ready in the morning.

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