My Drink Holder

Sipping a beer from my Drinking holder.

One thing I'm definitely not is a tee-totaler. When at a party or out somewhere I am always willing to join in. I used to have a problem, though, in that I was virtually tied to wherever my drink was placed (whether it was hard of soft) until it was empty. I didn't care for this at all because I'm as much a social being as I'm not a tee-totaler. Therefore I had to invent something to hold my drink near me wherever I might roam.

If ever an idea was born of necessity this was it. A common beverage holder which hangs on a car door and a Vel-Cro strap (which doubles as my watchband) are used. The strap is always around the armrest of my wheelchair because of the watch. When it is time for a drink at a party the watchband is turned until my watch faces downward and the bottom of the beverage holder is slid underneath the strap. This forms a secure holder, into which different beverage containers can be placed. Because I use a straw when drinking, the drink remains in the holder until I am through. I can't say, "Bottoms up!" but I never have to worry about walking or driving home.

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