Glasses On Holder

Side view of Eyeglass Holder with eyeglasses in place.

I learned to leave my eyeglasses standing on the lenses so I could get them back on by just forcing my head down between the "arms" of the frame. Unfortunately, the lenses got pretty scratched up because I didn't have a soft pad to lie them on. Thus, my Eyeglass Holder was developed.

An occupational therapy student named Hua Mei Wei (who is also disabled) made this for me when I explained what I needed. She took a peice of plywood approximately 6" by 8" and covered one side of it with padding. A thicker strip of padding was attached to what became the front edge to prevent the glasses from sliding off the Holder. This strip is about 8" X 1" X 1/2". Everything was then covered with naugahide. Finally, a hook-like wooden structure was attached to the rear edge of the Holder. This is used to pull my eyeglasses off my face. The "hook" stands straight up from the eyeglass holder. By placing my head such that the end of the hook is between my head and the bridge of my eyeglasses, the eyeglasses are pulled off by lifting my head straight upward. The eyeglasses fall onto the padding directly beneath them.
Eyeglass Holder

Using "hook" of Eyeglass Holder to remove eyeglasses.

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