My most important tool.

My "Headfinger" (as good a word as any) has added a completely new dimension to my life. With it, I am able to perform munerous tasks that I never thought of attempting before. It is truly the foundation underlying many abilities I have developed.

When I was seventeen or eighteen and living at a boarding school I learned to type with a short stick in my mouth. A little while thereafter a girl came to school who had learned to type with a device similar to my current Headfinger. At the first opportunity, I had a somewhat crude, but life-changing, version made. It enabled me to type easier and faster, without drooling or getting tired jaws, and I have found many other uses for it through the years.

Typing with Headfinger Button pushing with Headfinger

The first task solved by the Headfinger was typing.

Pushing a button with my Headfinger.

The refined model I use today consists basically of the plastic "head harness" (the adjustable portion) of a common safety helmet. Attached to this is a metal plate which fits snugly around my forehead, and attached to the metal plate is a rod which protrudes away from my face. This rod or "finger" is adjustable in that it can be moved up or down when enough force is applied. Instead of the plastic headband being continuous, part of it is replaced by elastic. This allows me to force it over the crown of my head because it now expands. It then contracts, fitting my head snugly.

Turning pages with Headfinger

Using my Headfinger to turn a page.

I use it for typing, turning pages of a book, pushing buttons, moving things around, turning switches, pulling, sorting, and numerous other things.

Headfinger Update

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