Getting something to eat out of my lunchbox.

My parents both work, so even if I had learned to do many things for myself, I would need help during the week unless I could somehow manage to feed myself during the day. The problem was initially solved when Daddy started putting out pre-cut Breakfast Squares in the morning before he'd leave for work. When I got up and dressed, I'd go eat these by simply picking each piece of food off the dining table with my mouth. Then I'd open the refrigerator door and drink the glass of milk Daddy had put in the door that morning. Naturally, it had a straw in it. This simple solution seemed to work well enough - the foods I ate were increased in variety to include meats, cheeses, fresh fruits, and cookies. But then our dog stopped eating her dog food at night in favor of getting up before me to gobble up my breakfast. (She went back to sleep afterward.) Clearly, something had to be done.

Soon after our dog started this habit I saw a lunchbox and had an idea. My mother put some cookies in it, closed it, and put it on the dining table. Sure enough, using my Headfinger, I opened the lunchbox. I have been eating breakfasts and lunches like this ever since, and our dog has gone back to her dog food. I plan to utilize this method when I begin work.

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