Pants Opening

Ring on zipper and Vel-Cro tape fastener at waist.

The button, hook, or snap usually found on the waistband was taken off and replaced by two pieces of Vel-Cro tape to fasten the pants. If the original fastener was a button or snap, a button was sewn to the outside of the waistband to imitate the original fastener.

Because I do not use pants' pockets, they are cut on the inside and the openings are sewn together. This is done to keep them from turning inside out, which used to happen.

For about a year after I started learning to take care of myself I wore underwear. Then I realized the practice wasn't necessary and just wasted my time and effort. The one bad thing about not wearing underwear is that a broken zipper can mean disaster - and disaster has struck once already!

Sewn Pockets

Cut and sewn pants' pockets.

As with the dress shoes, a key ring was attached to my pants' zipper. The ring was large enough to easily slip a finger through it to zip or unzip my pants. I also wear a lot of short pants in the summer. This means I have to go without socks. I was afraid that the shoes would be rough on my bare feet, but they're not most of the time. The only time I have to worry about blisters is when I do a lot of pushing without any socks on. (No Tenderfoot jokes, please.)

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