Pill Case

Getting some pills out of my Pill Case.

From the time I was four or five years old I've taken phenobarbitol to prevent convulsions and relax my muscles a bit. Recently, I also began taking Motrin for a re-occurring pain in my neck. Those child-proof caps on medicine bottles are also Glenn Hebert-proof. So I have the medicine transferred to a Pill Case I can open and close myself.

My Pill Case is a converted cassette tape case, though not of the standard type. It is secured to a table by means of adhesive Vel-Cro tape. The case is left upside down because that way I have to slide the pills over less of a "wall". All pills I need to take are placed inside this case. I use my Headfinger to open it, remove the appropriate pill or pills, and close the case. The pill(s) are then taken from the table with my mouth. I do not need water to swallow them, but I'm certain that could have been figured out if I had needed to do so.

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