Reading Tray

Rare use of my Reading Tray inside the house.

Removing Reading Tray

Preparing to remove Reading Tray from Toothbrush Holder by grasping "handle" between my teeth.

This was a device that was made for me by the brother of a friend of mine at the University of Illinois. It consisted of a barbecue grill or refrigerator shelf (who knows?) mounted on the end of a pipe which fit on my Toothbrush Holder. It had a handle (mouthle?) sticking up from one side which could be grasped between my teeth so I could put it on and take it off my Toothbrush Holder with my mouth. Also provided were built-in page holders. I used this when I wanted to read outside, which I did quite often in college, especially when girls started coming outside in bathing suits, shorts, halters, etc.

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