I went into some detail to illustrate a point. Getting ready for a date, or the coming day, or church, can be done by most people in about an hour when they go through the same tasks I have described. Of course, some will take less time and some will take more. It takes me a minimum of two hours to go through the scenario described. But I love the freedom of being able to do it myself. The extra time it takes me presents no extraordinary problems because I've learned to plan ahead in order to allow myself whatever time will be needed.

I could have gone into more detail than I did. As you can see, the process of getting ready for a hypothetical date was broken down into the sub-processes of brushing my teeth, taking a bath, etc. Those sub-processes were in turn broken down into sub-sub-processes, which was as far as I could take the description without forcing you to skip this part or, worse yet, falling asleep at my typewriter. However, in my situation, even the most insignificant details usually have to be thought out in order to find the most fitting way to deal with them. In one part of the sub-process of brushing my teeth I stated that I got a towel out of the closet. But it took me many times using trial and error before I found the easiest and quickest way for me to open the closet, reach in, take one towel from the stack, and close the closet. Thinking about details makes it all work smoothly. And, of course, the more I practice it the less I have to think about what I am doing.

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