I like to record on cassette tapes often, especially music from the radio. However, when doing this one has to stop and start the recorder fairly often to eliminate commercials and other unwanted broadcasts. All but one function is activated by a single button. I can operate these easily and efficiently with my Headfinger. The RECORD function, however, requires one to depress two buttons simultaneously - PLAY and RECORD - which I can't do with just one Headfinger. The solution is a gadget which, when pushed down, depresses the RECORD and PLAY buttons, and only those buttons.

Recording Device

Recording Device, with its downward protusions resting on RECORD and PLAY buttons.


Pressing Recording Device down with my chin to get that "oldie but goodie".

With the device I thought up and Mama made, a closed standard cassette tape case has two protrusions (consisting of folded cardboard in this case) taped to one side of it. They are spaced such that, when one protrusion is directly above the PLAY button, the other rests directly above the RECORD button. When the Recording Device is pressed down with my chin the protrusions depress the correct buttons simultaneously. A string is attached from my Recording Device to the back of my tape deck to prevent the Recording Device from falling onto the floor.

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