People were already shaving me with electric razors (I felt much better about it than a safety or straight razor) when I realized I'd have to learn this, too. I let my beard grow out once and it looked like unfertilized grass (many bare spots). Neither could I slap my face with Aqua Velva in the morning and say,
Some Toiletries Dispensing Lotion

Shaver, mirror, pre- and after-shave lotions (in dispensers), and deodorant in Deodorant Holder

Dispensing pre-shave lotion onto table

Applying Lotion Prettying Up

Rubbing my beard in pre-shave lotion


"Thanks, I needed that," for fear I'd punch myself out. The answers were again simple. I had the shaver mounted on a base, with blades turned upward so I could run my beard over them. The pre- and after-shave lotions were put into plunger-type dispensers. Now when I shave I merely depress a plunger to let some Lectric Shave fall onto the table, rub my beard in it thoroughly, turn the shaver on by means of a special switch (described later), run my beard across the shaving head one more time (it gets old), turn off the shaver, and get some after-shave lotion out of another plunger-type dispenser. (At one time Mama had about a quart of Rose Milk and I had confiscated all of the dispensers.)

I can also trim my mustache with my electric razor, as well as that unsightly hair on the edge of my ears.

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