Pants Socks

The sock is sewn to the "tube" which is sewn to the pants.

The problem of putting my shoes on was trivial compared to getting my socks on all by my lonesome. Here I had to have something to hold the sock open while I stuck my foot into it. Well, three or four fingers of each hand inside a sock, with the foot trying to follow, does wonderes to strech a sock - permanently. When I first experimented with this method Daddy watched me struggle an hour before I finally achieved my goal. Pete Maravich would have envied their droopiness when I finally got those socks on. Daddy said I should have the socks sewn to my pants. I chuckled a bit - until I thought about spending an hour or more each day putting socks on.

Mama sewed an old pair of socks onto an old pair of pants and, because I could easily get my pants on, it worked like a charm. My feet slid right into the socks and the socks were pulled up by first pulling my pants' legs, then the socks, higher and higher. It's my answer to panty-hose!

Pants Down

The socks look fine when the pants legs are down.

Functionally, my primary concern, things were fine. But there was a lot to be desired aesthetically, my secondary concern. Even when stretched, the diameter of a sock is smaller than the diameter of a pants' leg. This caused the pants' legs to gather where the socks were sewn to them. To compensate, a piece of material was sewn to form a funnel-shaped tube, with the smaller end of the tube the same diameter as the stretched sock top and the larger end equal in diameter to the pants' leg. Socks are sewn to tubes, tubes are sewn to pants, pants are easily put on, and I'm no longer barefoot. Mama has gotten so good at this sewing that no one can detect the fakery unless they look very closely. When the pants' leg is down everthing looks "normal".

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