I am not above buying ready-made devices that I believe will help me take care of myself. Trouble is, I had already invented most of my self-care devices when I found out other people made various objects commercially which were intended to aid the physically disabled. In my case a problem exists in that most catalogues explaining these aids are aimed at quadriplegics, paraplegics, and amputees, as are the aids themselves. Their needs are quite different from my own.

Remember, though, that most of the time the aid you invent will be better than anything you can buy. It is custom-made, in that you have considered your own needs and designed your device with those needs in mind.

Wall Switch

Using a "wall" switch. This one turns my shaver off and on.

The catalogue of Fred Sammons, Incorporated lists wall switches by General Electric. I ordered three of these and had my father adapt them to fit extension cords. After plugging a lamp or other small appliance into the switch, the switch is placed where I can reach it to turn the lamp or appliance off and on. In effect, the switches become in-line switches. (This is how I operate my electric shaver.)

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