Removing Shirt

On my knees in bed taking my shirt off

Thinking ahead, the first thing I do is take my shirt off. All are either T-shirts or have permanently closed (sewn) fronts. I can unbutton a shirt, but I cannot button one. Neither can I get my arms up and back far enough to pull the shirt over my head when I'm sitting up. This is due to my lack of range of motion and lack of coordination. Unsolvable problems? Pshaw! I overcome this one by getting into bed, getting on my knees, bending over until my head is on the bed, using the mattress to prop my arms in the correct position, grabbing the back of my shirt, and pulling it over my head. Certainly, this is a roundabout procedure to 99.9% of people (maybe more), but it's been found to be the most direct, workable, suitable method for me. At least, it is until I find a better way.

Now I am ready to shave myself; a process I have described previously.

I am then ready for the next task - brushing my teeth.

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