Answering Device

Telephone Answering Device (left) and Telephone Amplifier.

Telephone Amplifier

A piece of foam rubber lies underneath the receiver to hold it up when not in use.

I cannot hold a telephone to my ear, so I have gotten a telephone amplifier which allows me to speak and listen without holding a receiver. However, I needed an easier, quicker way to activate the amplifier when receiving or placing a call. Ralph Cook again came to the rescue.

The Answering Device actually holds the telephone. When its large lever-like arm is resting in one direction it depresses the receiver buttons. Flipping this arm so it rests in the opposite direction releases the reciever buttons and depresses the receiver. The receiver in turn presses down on a button that activates the amplifier. When the receiver is not being depressed it is kept from pressing the button of the amplifier down by a piece of foam rubber which lies beneath it. Without the extra weight of the Answering Device arm, this foam rubber pushes the receiver up. I use a pushbutton telephone because circular dialing is too difficult, even with my Headfinger. (This is a Rube Goldberg device if I ever saw one. But it works!)

Answering A Call (1)

Lifting "arm" of Telephone Answering Device to receive or place a call.

Answering A Call (2)

"Arm" of Telephone Answering Device resting on receiver, which is in Telephone Amplifier.

I haven't made any obscene phone calls yet, though there have been some who thought that that was exactly what they had because they couldn't get past my speech impediment. When that has happened I've called right back as many times as necessary for them to understand me. Haven't been arrested yet!

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