Now nature calls and I decide not to try to wait until I've taken my bath. Having thought ahead (which I generally do with procedures involving this much), I have taken my shoes off in my room. I now remove my pants and socks (described later) and put them in the dirty clothes hamper.

Making certain I have a regular washcloth available, I transfer onto the toilet. There are many different ways to do this. I have learned to use different methods depending on where I can place my wheelchair relative to the stool. Other factors concerned with transfer are muscle control, muscle strength, and closeness of other objects to the toilet. When I'm at home I set my wheelchair at approximately a 90 degree angle to the toilet, put my legs over the opposite side, and slide from my wheelchair to the toilet seat.
Transferring To Toilet

Transferring onto the toilet at home

This leaves me sitting sideways, so I have to turm myself around ninety degrees before I am comfortable enough to have a bowel movement. After I've flushed, the washcloth is used to clean myself. I've found that my fingers, tending to be rather spastic, go right through toilet tissue. Therefore, some sort of cloth is needed to solve the problem. The washcloth gets pretty well rinsed off before I'm through cleaning myself because I flush two or three times during the process to assure myself of having a fresh, clean supply of water with which to work. When this is done, I reach over and drop the washcloth into the bathtub, where it remains until the laundry is done. I then transfer back into my wheelchair, move to the side of the tub, place my legs inside it, and lock my chair flush against it. (This is easy because I do not have foot rests on my wheelchair.) I slide from my wheelchair to the tub and lie down in it.
Turning Bathtub Knobs Bathing

I can easily turn the bathtub knobs with my feet

I can bathe all parts of my body thoroughly with my Washcloth

I can operate the stopper and hot and cold water controls with my feet because of protrusions similar to the knobs on the sink. Having taken my bath and allowed the water to drain away, I get onto my knees, reach over to get the towel I conveniently placed beside the tub, and find it gone. Our dog has struck again! When it is there, however, I dry my head and the upper part of my body, pull myself back into my wheelchair, and dry the lower half of my body.

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