The Toothbrush I use (actually two toothbrushes) is the best of several ideas I had on the subject. It has enabled me to brush my teeth alone and forget the fear of someone jabbing a sore spot in my mouth. When that happened no one suffered but me. Oooooh, did that hurt!

My Toothbrush

My Toothbrush is actually two toothbrushes in one - one for the top, the other for the bottom.

Toothbrush Holder

Towel wrapped around pipe of Toothbrush to keep it clean

My father attached two toothbrushes to a V-shaped piece of metal. The bristles of one brush point inward, toward the "V", while the bristles of the other brush point outward, away from the "V". At the junction of the "V" a piece of pipe is attached, thus changing the overall appearance of the entire apparatus from a V-shape to a Y-shape. When the Toothbrush is used the pipe slips over the Toothbrush Holder (described later) so that the "Y" stands upright.

Having devised an apparatus enabling me to brush my teeth, I now had to figure out a way to easily set it up and take it down quickly so it wouldn't be in the way of others. Someone might decide to use it as a back-scratcher - not very sanitary. The answer was simple: Attach an upright rod someplace on my wheelchair. The rod, of course, would have a small enough diameter to allow the pipe of the Toothbrush apparatus to be slipped over it.

A man named Bud in the machine shop of the University of New Orleans helped me with this after I explained what was needed. He has made several things for me.

My Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush Holder on side of my wheelchair

Basically, this is just an upright rod which sits on a base. The rod itself is approximately six inches long and a half inch in diameter. The base is about three inches tall and an inch and diameter. It is attached to the outside front of the left armrest of my wheelchair with two screws. The base is also specially cut to fit snugly against the metal pipe of my armrest.

As I've stated before, I merely slide the pipe of my Toothbrush over the rod. Many other potential uses for this particular piece of equipment exist, but I have not found time to explore them yet.

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