One day I had ridden with Mama when she went to pick up something at a small shopping center. Waiting in the car, I noticed a window display at another store advertising "Touch Lites". I asked Mama to check into it when she came back. Sure enough, they were selling lamps that went on or off if you touched ther bases. They were also selling "command modules", hemispheres about four inches in diameter which could be connected to three different lamps or small appliances. A slight touch of the "command module" would turn everything on or off.

I bought two "command modules" and they worked fine for about a year. Then they became erratic. Apparently, the company stopped selling them because I haven't seen them sold anywhere in a long time.

The reason I mentioned the Touch Lite is because it was a very good idea, and very useful to me. I wish it would come back - debugged.

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