When learning to take care of myself, the first problem I tackled was bathing myself. The prime obstacle to successfuly learning how to do this was holding the soap because my fingers are a bit spastic and lack coordination. This was overcome by having my mother make a washcloth with pockets in it for the soap. Thus, I am able to just hold the washcloth. When the soap gets wet it begins seeping through the cloth pockets, allowing me to apply it wherever I like.

My Washcloth Washing with my Washcloth

My Washcloth has pockets for two bars of soap and loops to make it easier to hold.

By holding the ends of the Washcloth, I can scrub every part of my body.

This washcloth looks superficially like a hand towel. A piece of terrycloth is cut and doubled to measure approximately 16" by 6". The short sides and part of one long side are sewn together, and it is sewn down the middle parallel to the short sides. This creates two compartments in which soap can be placed. An opening is made for each and fitted with Vel-Cro tape. Thus, one need only pull a pocket opening apart to insert a new bar of soap. Sizes of the pockets can be reduced by sewing off of the center line. To make the whole thing easier to grasp, I had my mother sew a loop on each end of the washcloth. I can hold each loop and get to all parts of my body by using it in the same manner as many people pull a towel back and forth to dry their backs.

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