My Watchband

Watchband and watch on armrest of my wheelchair.

When I wore my watch on my arm I was constantly breaking the crystal by banging it against something. So I put it on my armrest. That didn't work either, because the pins kept breaking and I lost a couple of watches that way. (My brother and I were always pretty sure what one of my Christmas presents would be - he called it my Annual Watch.) A Vel-Cro strap solved the problem.

Professor Mary Adams, occupational therapist at the U. of I. Rehabilitation-Education Center, made this for me. Two pieces of Vel-Cro tape (one of each type) were sewn back-to-back, thus enabling the strap to be secured around objects of various sizes as tightly as necessary. The watch was sewn onto the strap, using the protrusions provided for the watch pins.

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