Whether you have read this book for your own benefit or because you are a parent, close friend, relative, or caregiver of a disabled individual, it is up to you to proceed from here. Through such writing skills as I possess, I've tried to present information and ideas as clearly as possible without being able to communicate with you face to face.

To summarize, we first went over some broad concepts that have been imprinted on my conciousness during the past few years. The foremost of these concepts is to realize that those who can reason have the potential to solve many problems themselves. They have to try first, though. This important concept applies to all intelligent human beings, not merely those who are physically handicapped. However, due to the structure of our current society, it is relatively more important that the physically disabled individual realize and believe in this concept. Everyone has ability in the area of problem-solving. That ability has to be developed to its full potential before an individual can expect to lead a rich life.

Next came a detailed description of how I first received the impetus to get going. Who knows, this book may be the only impetus you need to get started (indeed, that is a very exciting fantasy of the author). But whether it is this book, a relative, a friend, or a previous realization on your part, you must be made to realize what can be. You must be convinced that "You can do it!"

In the third chapter I described my physical disability, the manifestations of my disability, and my history in as much detail as I thought necessary in a work of this nature. This was done to give you a good idea of just where I came from. Hopefully, it was clear that my disability is quite a severe one. It presents many extraordinary problems which I must cope with. Yet, it is important to realize that my disability is not as severe as many. You may not be able to solve as many problems as I have or you may be inspired to solve more problems than I have, consequently becoming more independent in your daily living than I. But if you put your mind to problems that you face, first smaller ones then the larger ones, you will improve your life. The limits of this improvement are virtually non-existant.

Finally, the self-care aids and methods I use regularly were described in detail to: 1) indicate the magnitude (large or small) of some of the problems I've solved, 2) indicate the nesting involved in many cases (smaller problems within larger ones), 3) show the relative simplicity with which most problems have been solved, 4) spur you to think of solutions to problems that you face, and 5) acknowledge the excellent help I've received in defining and implementing solutions. Again, some of my solutions may not work for you; some, or all, may not be applicable to your situation; and some others may spark ideas which lead you to invent something easier to use for you and for others, including myself. I consider myself to have knowledge about this subject, but I am by no means an expert. Your ideas are just as valuable as mine.

That's it - I've preached all I'm going to preach in this "good book". Now, like I've said before, it's up to you.

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